Cleaning is the most time consuming job in house keeping. Some stains are hard to clean out. Even if you are spending all your efforts or energy, you may not clean them probably. So how to combat with all those difficulties and save your time on these cleaning tasks?

Wypo Toilet Cleaner

For best results apply Wypo toilet cleaner under the toilet rim. Leave it for 15 minutes and then use a light brush and flush.

Caution – Keep away from reach of children and in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with cold water

Copper & Brass Cleaner

Wet the copper and brass article and scrub it with Wypo Scrub Pad. For a sparkling shine, wash it with water and wipe it dry.

Fernol Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Add 2 Capfuls of Fernol to 5 litre of water and mop the floor to remove the toughest dirt and stubborn stains from kitchen tiles, platforms and floors.

Garden Air Freshener

Keep in cupboards, shoe racks, suitcases and wash rooms for long lasting fragrances

Karishma liquid blue

Brings whiteness to clothes when soaked in luke warm water. For best results wash your old and new clothes separately.

Wypo Scrub Pad

Rinse Wypo and dry it well after every use for longer life. It help saves on time and money when used along with Wypo Dishwash Bar.

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